Knitted Polyester

American USA Knitted Polyester Flag

Our knitted polyester flags are printed through a high-tech process called “Dye Submination.”

Dye Sublimation Printing is a two-stage fabric printing process of digitally dye printing with heat activated dyes. Then heat curing the printed fabric to achieve a vibrant and detailed printed image. All dyes are UV & fade resistant.

Nylon and knitted polyester are considered comparable flag materials with slight differences in their use.

Knitted polyester is a strong and slightly heavier material that is also weather resistant and fast drying.

Due to its looser weave, knitted polyester’s appearance is slightly coarser compared to nylon flag material. However, the loose weave is what really helps the flag fly in even low wind conditions.

The tighter weave in a nylon flag will provide a slightly more vibrant color, but a knitted polyester flag will fly more easily because of it’s wider fabric weave.

For that reason, knitted polyester is the preferred flag material if you want your flag to really fly!

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