Nylon Oxford

Nylon Oxford Flag Material

Nylon Oxford is a lightweight, flexible, yet strong fabric. It has a smooth finish and subtle sheen. Nylon Oxford is great for outdoor gear, sporting goods and most importantly flags!

Oxford cloth* is a term you might have run across while searching for the perfect flag. Oxford cloth is not unique to the type of fabric material used, but the fact that the fabric material has been woven together to produce a basket weave pattern. The result is added strength and a fabric that breathes, allowing air to pass through. This allows the flag to fly easily in the wind.

Nylon fabric is a perfect flag material for outdoor use as it will stand up well to the wind, rain, snow and sun.

*History of Oxford cloth (and the famous Oxford shirt): During the early 19th century, a Scottish textile company was experimenting with new weaves. They marketed four new fabrics, which were named after the most popular universities of the day. (Yale, Harvard, Cambridge & Oxford) Three of the weaves didn’t prove to be very popular and therefore they ceased production on those, but Oxford cloth still survives today. The thing that defines Oxford cloth is not its material, but the style of its weave. It is made up of two different strands of yarn which are woven in a basket weave pattern. Pre-1930s, polo players of the British Raj played in tops made out of Oxford because the fabric was comfortable & breathable.

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